Ravenfield Review

I’ve been playing Ravenfield, a free FPS I found on ravenfield game , and I’ve been playing it so much it’s been hard to quit playing for enough time to expound on it. I cherish when that occurs.

Ravenfield is Battlefield-style shooter, with group Blue versus group Red. Despite the fact that it’s single-player just, you battle nearby scores of AI friendlies and endeavor to anchor control of five catch focuses on an island. There are helicopters, jeeps, and watercrafts, and your decision of loadout weapons like an expert marksman rifle, AK-47, and shotgun. Of course, the characters are blocky, single shading shapes, yet they do ragdoll satisfyingly as you’ll find in the gifs on this page.

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As per Ravenfield’s maker, SteelRaven7: “It began as an explore different avenues regarding ragdolls and AI, and will remain a marginally exploratory, for the sake of entertainment amusement venture.”

I’ve played a couple of matches, and however not all things work consummately—the AI stall out in some cases, and I spent a long time floundering around in the sea in the wake of slamming a chopper since swimming doesn’t work that well—it’s as yet an entire hoot. The ongoing interaction and objectives are entirely basic, as clarified on the page:

“The goal of the diversion is to beat your foe group’s score by 200 points. Do this by catching banners and murdering adversaries. Other than giving extra bring forth focuses, each banner your group holds expands your Flag Multiplier. This multiplier builds the score you gain per adversary slaughter. The group score bars demonstrate what group is at present winning, push out the foe bar to win! You can likewise win by catching all bring forth focuses.”

In addition, it truly feels like Battlefield. My squadmates will all hop in a vehicle or chopper and split without me. What’s more, on the uncommon event I do get into a chopper, I very quickly crash. That is about how my involvement in Battlefield diversions goes as well, so I feel comfortable.

I welcome that the AI can be hoodwinked, as well. They’re not working with mystic forces, as I found when I moved into a watercraft, circumnavigated the island, and came up to a catch point from behind. Those square-shaped Reds were totally uninformed I was there, and I could catch the point in the wake of bringing some of them down.

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