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PSP Games – Tears to Tiara Gaiden Portable (Tears to Tiara Gaiden)

Game description: According to the Japanese Aquaplus announced that, prior to 2009 will host the launch of the PS3 and praise the players highly popular strategy role-playing game: “The Crown of Tears” transplanted to the PSP handheld, now this port, “Crown Tears Gaiden: Portable Mystery of Avalon “(Tears to Tiara Gaiden Portable), scheduled for December […]

PSP Games – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (FFVII 10th Anniversary Edition)

Game description: As “Final Fantasy VII” series, one for the player to “source of crisis – Final Fantasy VII-” (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, hereinafter referred to as “the source of the crisis”), attention can be imagined, since this game since the announcement, players are only heard and not reflected in its true capacity. SQUARE […]