PSP Games – Tears to Tiara Gaiden Portable (Tears to Tiara Gaiden)

Game description:

According to the Japanese Aquaplus announced that, prior to 2009 will host the launch of the PS3 and praise the players highly popular strategy role-playing game: “The Crown of Tears” transplanted to the PSP handheld, now this port, “Crown Tears Gaiden: Portable Mystery of Avalon “(Tears to Tiara Gaiden Portable), scheduled for December 26, 2010 sale, games, regular version is priced at 3,990 yen (tax included), Limited Edition Price to 5,775 yen (tax included). At the same time the government has also announced the launch of PSP games and PSP chip custom wrapping paper as a game console shell stickers booking specials.

The original outline:
New for the “Crown of Tears Gaiden: Mystery of Avalon Portable” (Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi Portable) is September 17, 2009 launch of the PS3 console for sale after the program, but also introduced, including a variety of television animation and comics version of the popular entertainment platform for: “Crown of Tears biography” of the PSP re-plate. And this is the “Crown of Tears: Corolla Earth,” the latest sequel, the story works in the background for a few years after the end. The system is to be bred and SRPG battle AVG very good combination, the player can usually their favorite characters through dialogue and interaction to the breeding, training, playing the role of different professional fighting, and fighting tactics of the time by planning to direct their own combat troops.

Second, the background story:
Elin merged with Albion established a new kingdom. No time is too long, the center of the Kingdom of Avalon City of governance in the two kings, people are also living a peaceful life. Just one day, as usual, woke up the devil Aroun, the room was covered with a strange vine to scare. This unusual phenomenon seems to have quietly spread to the whole city … …

Third, the new work elements:
In the PSP version of the “Crown of Tears Gaiden: Portable Mystery of Avalon”, the game will be the same with the PS3 version of the previously held by “the other side of the heart 2” (To Heart 2) and so set in the popular village of Zuoren Kenshiro manna tree with two well-known illustrator and character design as the original painting. The script for and also added a new element of play after the debut on the PS3 platform. In addition to the SLG has been well received and then added some new elements, but also will debut before the enemy in one’s own role as a unit to use. In addition, 30 points will be available after all the special additional clearance maze map.

Fourth, the role:
The main characters main game set also from the tree, and other famous illustrators mannose comprehensive redesign, the debut role of personality is also very unique.

PSP version of “Crown of Tears Gaiden: Mystery of Avalon bring” The current release date is scheduled for December 26, 2010. The original game was introduced at the famous illustrator, the game’s debut in the character of expressions more distinct personality, like this type of game players may wish to try, it will certainly bring you good memories, like SRPG game players friends should not miss this.

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