PSP Games – “Metal Gear Metal Gear Ac! D” tactical analysis (Phase II)

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Fighting tactics include mandatory part and the part with the boss fight. As the story forced the fighting part is, we must sound the alarm, and some must also kill the enemy are the enemy soldier. However, the difficulty in ex, the enemy soldier is also very powerful. One up a couple of very tough, especially in the latter part of the blood is super common enemy more, and various evasive card.

First talk in the living area that a mandatory fight. Better deal with the enemies here. My way is to pursue a non-kill, not to be found, plus fast. First into the door to find the hostages before the hooded snake who is ready to make invisible card, a mobile card, an M9, and at least three opportunities for Action. And other drama occurred after the first equipment hidden card, then move to the bottom of his enemies, an enemy soldier with the M9 to see the Duke of Zhou, then quickly move left, down to the ground into the ditch. Seiko is also equipped with stealth and speed to be more mobile in the card, wait until after the ditch on the simple, (Khan … …) moved directly north to the door at the clearance can be specified. Of course, if you have lv1 card is small roundabout take the points better.

Then there is a big man’s hard-fought and the. Before the battle to replace the machine as a high power card, consumer cost of the card, the best upper limit of the card a plus HP. One of the remote control is definitely a good thing missiles. Can not and boss head-on confrontation. Otherwise, he fired two shots you will not give you some breath left. Remember not to head-on collision. Use burning grenades, remote control like the way the missile hit. Burning Ray is a very useful props for years because of fire damage in this very large, and as long as not very mobile, so no surprise that the fire burned directly. So very simple methods, such as throwing a mine to the boss teliko foot, and then let the snake by a fire in the vicinity of the missile to the boss with a remote control point on the foot of the mine, if the boss next to barrels of what is even more exuberant. This battle can not be completely defeated boss, one to the end of time, of course, the blood of his lighting is required.

Another mandatory fight is big man in the confrontation between the first and after that encounter a bunch of enemy soldiers. Here in order not to kill may very hard to learn. And the big man, because you have just a handful of shopping, not changing the card, but hands the card through just after the battle, is to pieces, and now faced with this group of soldiers, to die on the good. To the high standards here by virtue of luck would have. Suggested that bulky duel just when the hands of a few useful cards to be left to the relevant one up to use. Such as to eliminate cost of the card, let the enemy all the dizziness of cards, big voice, and then there goes on all enemies plus 15cost monster card must be used in the first time. So we will all fall down. And then you use my spade? Quickly escape it.

After return from the bridge, snake alone to face several enemy soldiers will be Quanmie enemy, although the enemies are many, but relatively low number of the enemy’s hp, so the missile or incendiary bomb with the remote control is easy to get rid of, also two or three rounds to do. Skip aside.

And teliko showdown in which war, the remote control missile is the best weapon. Because many of the customs of the mines, teliko also full of buried mines, so movement restrictions, but her actions will be limited accordingly, this is why they come to one of inaction. Climbed to a favorable first-connected gateway, it then took out the missile bombers. Ass on fire while teliko fell.

From the power plant after the darkness there will be a bunch of enemies out to Quanmie. The blood of many of the enemy gang, equipment is also very strong, especially completely avoid the card, empty gun fight would play with mine or missile solution. Moreover, they are scattered stations, one by one solution out on the line, away with the attack could escape, then hit on another direction, near the carcasses with the CQC. I remember that from the two electric bed layout before entering the version of the hands of the weapons have a certain card, to avoid surprise.

And Lie’s second fight is only a slight increase in hp and tactics remain basically unchanged. Another enemy soldier can be considered resolved with CQC. Combination of two dash is Ma Bozi, blow will kill soldier. Come across a solitary soldier can Shuashuai the.

After the battle is to be a beautiful gang fight. Experts to deal with that transvestites have to look at luck. If you have fire bombs up props like fire, then congratulate you, the boss was only in 烈火中永生. Once the attack because the boss will throw flash mine, and then instantly transfer, and there are several around yearend. If you can appear in her first time to her hot, so then she will throw flash mine, Shunyi, the next round because the fire to the blood, continued to throw flash mine, continue to Shunyi, until the heroic. You need to do is to find amenities edge cola eating dry food. Otherwise, the boss may well deal with. Roads are narrow, the enemy great, you are simply hard to close to boss, let alone hit her. teliko also cursed, runaway from time to time look. If her powerful equipment on the card, you can understand if the crazy woman, what is the fate of men.

Last is to discuss the deal with metal gear. Instead, the big guy is the simplest of. snake equipped with armored weapons, have aimed at the opportunity Meng k on the line, the other’s missiles well to hide, climb can escape. teliko is no big use, life insurance can be. Bombs and electronic jamming over a little fight to seal a small robot action. In a word, life insurance. In the second stage, if you have a rex or shaghod, then the gas in metal gear set, when suddenly the four pillars to get rid of. Comparison of two cards of course not want to use can be some value, so in most cases or two words, life insurance! The snake is the best move, not a metal gear in the Spring offensive weapons and maps, these two unique skills are at least 300 hp. So just in case, and put on the card plus hp limit it. The only boss in the timing attack is when the other set of gas. I used that big shot sniper, shot a few more than 300 or you have the power of metal gear.

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