PSP Games – “Metal Gear Metal Gear Ac! D” tactical analysis (Phase I)

MGS series are characterized by real-time Action Game with calculus, in addition to drama (the story of this generation really is amazing enough, even the protagonist had reservations about the authenticity of snake). Performance considering that psp is fully digested, so that as only first speculative as to the identity of the card game debut. But in the game to preserve the style of real-time calculus, and believe that this is for the MG series handheld after a technical groundwork to do.

Raiders game I do not say what, in many cases there will be tips, a map will also have some gray or blue circle, there can be as long as the move into the next scene. Representative of the gray circle is the next scene, the blue circle on behalf of clearance. If you have any questions on the Raiders all the post better. My Japanese level is not high, there was drama in the Raiders is expert, and the estimated electric soft games like magazines have very professional story Raiders release. I specifically talk about the play and the experience better.

Some say this as a bit like the strategic version of the Allies. There is some truth. Because of this importance for the secret war is still the most important. In a pure action game, you can come to one to many skilled operators can wait on the main viewpoint headshot or M9, greeted with a variety of weapons. Big deal I bugger off, or find a way seam drilling to install a box on the escape to. But in turn-which, this mobility is significantly impaired. If you would like headshot, headshots first installed card, take an action force, and then another action force with weapons and shot headshot card can only hit rate was also reduced by 30%. Missed on all wasted. snake only one round of two mobility, you can fill up four action, double to eight times a round, rotating card can also be used to connect immediately to their next round. Of course, these are relatively few cases, of course, the price is also cheap. In general you can action once an enemy, was a siege you Mozhe. If the beat to avoid, then it is important to move the force. The card can only move three normal cell, the cost is high cost, specialized mobile cell card allows mobile and 4-8 cards cost less consumption but also do not want to use the time there. (General to the war, when what cards in what card, and have little chance to wait for the arrival of mobile card) If you had to quickly leave the enemy’s attention after the 20 cost the enemy would not take the initiative to find you. Of course, searched everywhere. You can hide the place where the general was low, boring opinions on ok. But there are several factors that affect your success avoidance. The first is encountered automatic doors. At the door must stop, and so the door open to go in, take two mobility. The other is the low consumption of an action force that needs to get on the ground, and then continue to move. Of course, if you have a box card or stealth camouflage card best. But still the same problem, sometimes when you want to use the card that is life and death do not come.

The above example shows, MGA is still characterized by a word, can not be found to try to avoid.

So based on this principle, play cards must comply with the rules of the game, that is random and flexibility. To talk about tactical issues, note the following are EX difficult subject, normal should be simplified, but definitely enough:

The first tactic: be careful driving in luck. Will clear all the enemies of the road, at every step.

Carry out the card with the kind of tactical weapons, the emphasis is on diversity and the rational use of intervention. On specific quantitative analysis of each card with different personal preferences differ. Card is composed mainly of the following.

Weapons card and recommend:

M4A1.laser * 1, XM-16 * 1, M4A1 common version number (ammunition);

AK.laser + silencer number;

USPlaser * 1, plus a number of USP General Science (ammunition);

Anti-equipment sniper Mauser * 1, psg-1 and SVD 德拉贡诺夫 number (ammunition).

euipment upgrade:

Lv1-> Lv2 1, Lv2-> Lv3 1.

Some Sight

Move back plus some other supplies (taking into account this situation will not be found, plus hp card can be omitted)

These are the core tactics of the card. My card with is that, assuming the euipment upgrade to three slots in accordance with the following distribution:

The first row of all put M4A1, placed on the second row 4 XM-16, 5 up AK, 6 put Mauser. The third row of 7 and 9 put USP, 8 may be appropriately selected, it is sometimes put Sight scope, or other options.

The reason why this arrangement is to take into account the effect of the intervention.

Talk about the interference. Many cards have a number of arrows into the red, blue and green. Red arrow points to cell which increases attack 10%, 10% reduction of defense, the blue the other hand, what is forgotten green, sorry, because it is the second time to play, so the game will not prompt the first time. Please continue to add other players.

Under the main consideration in the tactical offensive power increases. The first reason is that emissions M4A1 M4A1 card has a red down arrow, so the second row of cards to increase attack power. Similarly location 5 AK red arrow to the left and right will increase 4 XM-16 and six of the Mauser 10% of all attacks, 7 and 9 of the USP with the arrow up once again increased by 10%, so 4 and 6 The XM-16 and Mauser have 10% * 10% * 10% = 1.3 times more firepower. This is astronomical. XM-16 single attack power 50, multiplied by 130%, hitting 50% is enough to even kill a soldier of the time. Mauser, needless to say, single 250, such arrangements can have more than 300 lethal (provided that can play in the … …) is very suitable for removal of high hp robot, cypher machine like the target. In addition, the target of such attacks, generally we are all targets of the side and back (generally in the hidden state, certainly not in front of the enemy), so attacking force but also by the corresponding 1.2 (side) and 1.5 (back). This is quite substantial. See who are the basic moves of a move.

These are the main use of firearms, then M4A1.laser, this gun hit for 90%, suitable for plus headshot card. (Not too useful, there is a enough) AK with silencer, so you can attack in a silent environment, hit rate is not low, but might also increase because of intervention, suitable for a silent enemy soldiers or monitor solution. Last is the USP + laser, and no Dayong, equipped with a 7 or 9 on ok, mainly used for intervention, and then there are a few common USP appropriate when the ammunition, packed a small role in destruction of equipment like that.

This tactic is quite conservative tactics. Can guarantee that through most of the levels, also is relatively clumsy. Such tactics need to wait for crossing the outset, disposable card until all of the equipment are buttoned into action later, very tedious. Sometimes to such a Lv2 Lv3 card or have to throw away a lot of cards. But once to begin, is invincible. Another problem is that, once met the enemy because the reaction will be automatically counter-attack to cause the card to be re-equipped, so covert action is necessary.

Special mention that most of the time such tactics against these kinds of barriers are appropriate, but the boss battles and encounters not apply.

Of ammunition are explained below.

First of all, a gun and equipment in the equipment slot, and then the same caliber of the gun and then put into the slot, after that the gun was loaded the ammunition, and single power of a gun by the former decision, the amount of ammunition from the rear that the number of gun shells decision. After shooting finished on the back of that card is spent, the gun still in the previous slot, you can continue to install the new ammunition. If you are an enemy attack by chance from the slot direct reaction, after deducting launched finished that card.

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