PSP Games – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (FFVII 10th Anniversary Edition)

Game description:

As “Final Fantasy VII” series, one for the player to “source of crisis – Final Fantasy VII-” (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, hereinafter referred to as “the source of the crisis”), attention can be imagined, since this game since the announcement, players are only heard and not reflected in its true capacity. SQUARE ENIX until finally in 2006 TGS (TOKYO GAME SHOW) announced on the show cannot be regarded as a fragment after fragment, again in mid-December 2006 by the Japanese “Young Jump” magazine hosted the “Jump Festa “, the wait for the SQUARE ENIX announced” the source of the crisis “demo. As can be seen from the demo of this game the player’s high-definition and fluency are quite commendable, animation and the actual game screen can be described as seamless switching between, which deepened the players on the “crisis of the source” expected degree.

Players in “the source of the crisis” will play Shinra (Shinra)’s a young soldier Zaks (Zack), Zacks eager to prove he can become the organization’s most elite soldiers, he performed a variety of tasks, these tasks will guide him to face a different adventure. In the “Jump Festa” exhibition in the main published demo offers two pieces, a base for the stage is a Zacks background, the commander had command 萨菲罗斯扎 Fox (Sephiroth) to carry out a survey the task of a missing soldier, but was refused Safeiluosi finally replaced by Zacks perform its task, in the opening animation, the Zacks along with another soldier marching towards a mountain area, In this short clip general overview of the entire game story. The second segment is a dense forest scene, Zaks and the other partners encountered during the mission, after some fighting, Zacks surrounded by a group of soldiers, each soldier will have a new down soldiers around up, will be eliminated after completing all the soldiers into the castle, waiting for Zaks here is two behemoth.

As we all know, “FF VII” series is one of the greatest charm of personality to create a lot of great roles, they have their own distinctive characteristics and their own stories, without exception, “the source of the crisis” is still a large number of central figure in the stage, they are with their own reasons to participate in this ultimate battle luxury
Here the players introduced one by one:
1. Safeiluosi: lege
ndary hero in the “FF VII” as the ultimate destruction of the planet’s Safeiluosi BOSS, in the “source of the crisis,” but only in a God Luoshi Bing, the game he mentioned Angel (Angeal) is a traitor this sentence is quite interesting.

(2) Claude (Cloud): employment in large enterprises against Shinra’s avalanche organization Claude, is very fond of the role players, one of the childhood vision of a soldier boy, grow up also realized his dream to become a hero to save the entire planet. However, “the source of the crisis” in Claude’s image set just one unknown soldier, the game will tell the story between Cloud and Zacks.

3 Alice (Aerith): In the “FF VII” Alice said in a word “used to love that person,” referring to Zacks, but in the original and there is no clear account of them in between the two disputes, I do not know whether in this for the answers.

4. Zaks: Claude’s friend, “the source of the crisis” will be about the encounter between him and Claude, friend to the most Houzhakesi story of sacrifice, Zaks is a matter in any situation will not lose hope and smiles of the soldiers, with a sincere heart and he melted Claude cheerful indifference.

5 Angel: the game is a new role, he is the senior-level guidance Zacks God Luoshi Bing, he and Zacks together a number of tasks to complete, he Zacks, the considered a mentor, Zacks, and Claude is the sword used by a large legacy of this weapon, but it means a Safeiluosi as a traitor, what is why?

6. Jieniexisi (Genesis): “The Dirge of Cerberus – Final Fantasy VII-” (Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII) appear in the mysterious soldier “G” is Jieniexisi, his mystery, as always, the players know the message is at least a role, is his only known dress like Safeiluosi are white cloak, seems to imply that he is a god Luoshi Bing, and its voice is very popular visual-kei rock singer Gackt.

In addition to these roles, there are many players are familiar faces, is the transformation of God-Vincent, Shinra’s elite military tucks and other characters will be fully unveiled. Game for each character set AP, SP, HP and MP four capabilities slot, AP is required for defense and to avoid actions such as consumption, SP is to turn the wheel when the desired value, HP is a physical, and MP represents the magic. Relative to the other three slots in terms of ability, SP is the ability of the game is a slot, simply, SP is a source of strength for the soldiers, when the SP value is zero, the wheel will stop moving, players at this time also get additional incentives, and this corresponds to, players can get a variety of awards through the wheel, while the difficulty level of fighting will also change. Fight left in the game screen is the location of the wheel, which consists of three icons composition, roles respectively from left to right yellow, red, blue three lines with HP, MP, and AP is connected, the icon is the three rounds of three disk, they will automatically rotate and stop, the player cannot be controlled according to their turn or stop to let the wheel. When an icon is stopped, the display of that role will be to obtain the corresponding special incentives, such as: free to use the AP or to increase HP and so on. In addition, when certain conditions are met, in the center of the battle screen will appear a large wheel, and when the wheel stops, within the meaning of that role can also be resorted to powerful special skills, such as using call magic will screen all of the enemies wiped them out.

As an A · RPG (action + role-playing) games, RPG elements and action elements are essential, especially people who set the action in the game is marked by Tetsuya Nomura style brand, Hearty Shuangkuaigan, cool fresh fighting are “the source of the crisis,” the best interpretation of the action figures. Players can also choose the action command, press the “△” key for the defense, “□” key can be made to roll to avoid enemy attacks. The game also uses a menu interface combined with the action of “combat command” system, players can “L” key and “R” key to switch the command menu, this is mainly to facilitate frequent switching menu, players can press the “╳ “button, select the option to battle command, and snow, flame, treatment and other magic, and even more advanced magic can be done in the menu options on the screen the left-most sword-shaped logo on behalf of attacks, most have become pockets shaped logo on behalf of the props, the middle sphere represents a variety of colors possessed spar, spar for a variety of magic. The way the game is not random players Yudi Yudi, but appear directly on mobile screen enemies, fighting an enemy that appears with the number of screens up to 12 people, the system will automatically lock the player away from the nearest enemy, players can control Zaks switch targets, moving to respond to the enemy in the vicinity. Very fast paced fighting game, the battle screen excitement, in addition to the intense multiplayer melee Mountain scene, as well as the final and summon Yifulite the contest.

From the demo version can be clearly aware of this, “the source of the crisis,” high-definition visual absolute shock to bring the player, which game is not only punctuated by gorgeous CG animation, characters settings are also impressive profound, beautiful scenes are amazing magic, the use of a variety of special effects is quite good, fog and lighting effects, shadow effects, the use of bright colors and lifelike character models, etc., all reflect a strong production skills, SQUARE ENIX also promised “the source of the crisis” will be a more than A.

The PSP is not made prior to pre-IPO in late October 2004 had been officially published, the development of up to two and a half later, finally this for a few days ago SQUARE ENIX announced September 13, 2007 sale, games for sale 6,090 yen (tax included). Same time as also invited to the Japanese pop singer Xuan Hong as a game theme song “WHY” lyrics and singing. And just as a singer Xuan Hong and “Final Fantasy” series for the same in the first December 18, 1987 was born the same day, the Xuan Hong in December 2007 and will be “FF” series together to meet the two-year-old birthday.

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