PSP Games – Bite the Saint

1 run “bite version of God to experience the” need PSP system version 6.10 or above.
Experience required 2 Edition Memory Stick around space in the 150M, 150M Please stick to keep the space above.
3 Installation: Download and unzip attachments, please compress the entire package into the PSP folder on the root of memory stick can be covered, concrete placement as shown below

Game description:
Scheduled for autumn 2009 sale of the PSP hit, “God who macrophages (GOD EATER)” announced the delay in the sale, the latest release date finally announced. This will make next year’s February 4 sale in Japan at the same time, the game’s demo will be on November 19 this year, available for download, demo version will be included in addition to up to 10 tasks outside of the game, while supporting maximum 4 people with machines and weapons, props-making. The trial of the game can also be inherited to the next file a formal version of which, and the demo also comes with the game-related images which, for interested players for this be sure not to miss slightly.

Through the operation of this as is a powerful weapon “God Machine” to swallow the enemy, and was known as the Ala Jia Mi (ア Getting ga ミ) this huge monster Action Deathmatch game start. In the pressure-down of the speed of the start of the next “set VS set Tuan Tuan” hunting is one big special Cheng battle. Game weapons with the enemy Ala Jia Mi cell fusion and morphogenesis Bian to the health of body weapons “God Machine.” “God Machine” three forms, sword forms, barreled form, at any time catching Can instantly switch between morphological change may be. And the use of seized from the enemy that the material can also customize the weapons and bullets to improve its basic performance.
The hand is called “God Machine” special weapons, and mysterious creatures “wild spirit” to keep fighting, this is a new action game for PSP “bite the Saint” The world wants to express. The weapons for the “God Machine” has a “pistol” and “Sword” two forms, but under the two forms also will be broken down into three categories each.

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