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Ravenfield Review

I’ve been playing Ravenfield, a free FPS I found on ravenfield game , and I’ve been playing it so much it’s been hard to quit playing for enough time to expound on it. I cherish when that occurs. Ravenfield is Battlefield-style shooter, with group Blue versus group Red. Despite the fact that it’s single-player just, […]

PSP Games – “Metal Gear Metal Gear Ac! D” tactical analysis (Phase II)

Fighting tactics include mandatory part and the part with the boss fight. As the story forced the fighting part is, we must sound the alarm, and some must also kill the enemy are the enemy soldier. However, the difficulty in ex, the enemy soldier is also very powerful. One up a couple of very tough, […]

PSP Games – “Metal Gear Metal Gear Ac! D” tactical analysis (Phase I)

MGS series are characterized by real-time Action Game with calculus, in addition to drama (the story of this generation really is amazing enough, even the protagonist had reservations about the authenticity of snake). Performance considering that psp is fully digested, so that as only first speculative as to the identity of the card game debut. […]