Alan Wake Games May Reach Current Theaters

Saulo Velez


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The story of Alan Wake could be ported to various platforms. At least, so says Remedy, because it declared that today it possesses the sequence.

When asked when it means possible sequels, then there was no definite response, besides what has already been mentioned. The business has its own rights and it is going to use them for bringing the sport into PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and also, likely, cellular platforms.

So far Alan Wake, being a cult game of its genre, just gave birth to a single sequel, specifically American Nightmare, formally regarded as a spinoff. While the programmer advertised, always needed its own rights to print and promote the PC version, the variant for Xbox was possessed by Microsoft until this statement. This likely banned releasing the matches on various platforms, but Remedy is not any more haunted, therefore it could encourage it further.

Although the first game has been released in 2010, it is still common. The elongated version contains a publication that's an object of this cult alone, also, likely, it'll be the foundation for the TV adaptation, currently in production already (although it might be a standalone narrative ).

Possibly the game is going to probably be reworked for the elongated release. The first sales have been stopped because the programmers could not use the audio from this game , and substituting it made no sense. The situation differs, and, likely, we want to listen to the new soundtrack too.