5 Best Android Apps for Listening to Podcasts

Saulo Velez


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The 2020-2021 course of events has caused an immense boost in the number of podcast listeners, and the trend seems to retain the positive dynamic. You’re probably here for the apps rather than analytics, so let’s take a look at the best podcast sources for your Android smartphone right away. 

1. Spotify

First of all, Spotify is a statistical leader in the podcast niche. According to Statista, the app conquered 25% of the adult audience and became even bigger than the long-time leader Apple Podcast that has 20% of the total adult audience. We expect the up-trend to continue as the service is still developing in the right direction. 

The podcast part of the app delivers a unique experience of going through the playlists and episodes. As you can obtain only a bare minimum of podcast functionary in the app, it seems much more appealing tha those apps where you have to spend some time to understand the purpose of each button. It’s probably the simplest on the market, and that’s what makes it so attractive. 

Spotify isn’t only a straightforward app for finding your favorite and potentially exciting podcasts, but also a high-end music-streaming service with #1 user rank on Google Play Store. While the podcasts are free, the $10 subscription opens the infinite collection of music to you.

2. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a fine application designed by podcast fans for podcast fans. It has far more features than you may expect to see in an app of a kind, which lets it stand out in the niche. It’s also one of the oldest apps in the niche and the inventor of server-based feed refreshing that is now used by all other audio streaming apps.

The design of this app is very different from what others offer, and it’s nothing but beautiful. The creative mix of the dark theme, typical colors, and fonts makes it very appealing. The playback features include several playback speed presets, a silence trimmer that reduces the length, and an efficient voice booster. Finally, it features one of the most robust playlist layouts. It’s a classic podcast experience with its own aesthetics and “pro” listener features.

3. Google Podcast

As usual, Google has apps for everything and podcasts are not an exclusion. Similar to the majority of the company’s apps, this one is minimalistic and offers basic functionary and high accessibility. The app is pre-installed on almost every Android 4.1 or “younger” smartphone, which is roughly 99% of all Android devices. The app lets you simply create queues, set basic preferences, and download episodes for offline listening. It’s super-easy, reliable, and it’s already on your smartphone and tablet, so why not try it? 

4. Podbean

This one has a pretty huge Android user base of 5 million people. Its attractiveness is due to a friendly, straightforward interface, excellent top-100 editorial selection, one-tap live radio, and an extensive library of audiobooks. The playback functionary features high-quality sound boosters, 4 speed modes, and an option to save settings for the entire playlist. Finally, it’s the only app in which you can record, edit, and live stream your own podcasts. Your friends and fans can easily join the stream (it’s pretty similar to Instagram live feature) and communicate in the live chat. 

5. Castbox 

Castbox is probably the most underrated podcast as it’s stuffed with awesome features that you will love regardless of your previous podcast experiences. Some of its killer features include original content by many exciting names, a lively community hub where you can chat with other people involved in your circle of interests, live online radio, music streaming, and an advanced Zen mode for meditation and sleeping. The last includes an extensive library of nature and ASMR sounds for a variety of uses. 

Finely Selected

We selected all the apps based on our editorial podcast-listening experience and without any promotional purposes, so you can enjoy using the services that we all use in our everyday lives. Which app would you download for podcasts today? If you’ve already tried any of the aforementioned apps, please comment upon your experience. You can also share the list with your friends and colleagues!